Gallic Acid

Chemical Name:      3,4,5-Trihydroxybenzoic acid

Molecular Formula: C6H2(HO)3COOH.H2O

Molecular Weight:  188.13

CAS No.:                    149-91-7



Appearance             White or pale color crystalline powder
Purity                         ≥99.0%
Loss of dry              ≤10.0%
Residue ignition    ≤0.1%
Sulfate                     ≤0.02%
Tannic Acid            ≤1ppm
Turbidity                  ≤10ppm
APHA                       ≤150#


Quality Standard: European-93(1-class)Standards, JIS(1-class)standards, U.S.P.21 edition(1985),superior grade.

Application: Gallic acid is used in determination of bismuth,cerium, copper,nitrite phosphorus,silver thorium and titanium,etc.It is widely used in pharmaceutical, dyestuff, chemical and organic synthetic indrstries

Package: 25kgs per kraft bag

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