Ascorbic Acid

Chemical Name:       L-(+)- the Ascorbic acid
CAS:                             50-81-7
Molecular formula:  C6H8O6

【Characteristics 】 colorless crystals or a white or almost white, crystalline powder which discolors on exposure to air and moisture; odorless or almost odorless and tasted sour; easily soluble in water and a few partial soluble in ethanol; insoluble in ether and chloroform; it melts at 190℃-192℃; PH of a 5 % W/V solution, 2.1to 2.6; specific optical rotation in a 10%W/V solution,+20.5°to+21.5°
【Product specification 】 BP/USP/EP/JP/FCC

【Function】It applies mainly to production of various medicines as clinically important material for supplementary cure practice in different sectors. Being food additives, it acts as superior and reliable agent in nutrition, antiseptic and flour processing aspects. It also helps enhance the immune system of animals as being served in feed additives.
【Package】25kg net weight carton box or drum with two plastic inner linings and vacuum-sealed bag.

【Storage 】shielded from light, dry and cool placement, sealed for storage.

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