Propyl Gallate
Other name:
Gallic acid progyl,PG
Chemical name:
Propyl - 3,4,5 - Trihydroxybenzoate
Molecular formula:
Molecular weight:
white to creamy-whitecrystalline powder;odourless.Soluble in 1000 parts of water,in 3 parts of alcohol,in 3 parts of ether,and in 2000 parts of arachis oil.
Quality Standard:
Specification:Meeting the requirement of both state standard GB3626-82 and B.P.1980 edition,U.S.P.XXI(1985)edition;U.S.A.FCC-IV standards.
Propyl Gallate is mainly used as antioxidant additive in fats, oleaginous foods, and medicinal preparations.
Export products in paperboard circular kegs of 25kg net each.
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