Potassium Sorbate
Standard: Our products is conform to the standard FCC4 & E202.
Particle: columnar granule with a size around 1.2mm—1.4mm
Packing:  25kgs/carton
Uses:     It is mainly used to inhibit the growing of microbe in food.
            In the daily living, it can be used to prevent the mildew for soy, wine, edible vinegar and salted vegetables. Only adding 0.1 percent into them, you will find that their taste is better.
            In freezing and cold storing foods, especially fish and shrimp, soaking them in the solution of potassium sorbate(0.3%) for 30 seconds, they can keep their original and individual taste.
            Adding potassium sorbate to man-made cream and salad oil can prevent sourness and bubble because of fermenting.
            If you add potassium sorbate into pastry, biscuit and bread, they will be of better tasty!
            The meat which added the potassium sorbate can be store more a week than before.
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