Sodium Benzoate

Chemical name:     Sodium Benzoate
CAS NO:                    532-32-1
Molecular formula:C7H5NaO2

Structural formula


Content:                                      99.0---100.5%
Appearance:                               White Granular / Powder / Column
Moisture:                                     1.5% max
Heavy metals:                            0.001% max
As:                                                0.001%max
Acidity & Alkalinity:                     Qualitied
Chloride:                                     0.02% max
Total CL Content:                       0.03% max
Organic Volatile Impurities:      Qualified with Regulations

Standard: FCCⅣ /  BP2000.
Packing:  25kgs net Kraft bag / plastic woven bag with inner-liner.
Uses:        As preservative, anti-microorganism agent used widely as mordand, plasticizer and antifreeze solution

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