Vitamin C Phosphate
Trade Name:              Vitamin C Phosphate; Vitamin C 2-Phosphate
Chemical Name:       L-ascorbic acid 2-phosphate salt; Ascorbyl Monophosphate Salt
Molecular Formula:  C6H6O9PCaNa
Molecular Weight:    316.15
Structural Formula: 
Appearance                      Beige color powder odorless
Mesh                                  60-80 mesh
Contents                           35 %min  (As Vitamin C - C6H8O6 biologically) 
Loss on drying                 8.0 % max
Heavy metal (as Pb)       0.003 % max
Arsenic                              0.0002 % max
25 kg (net weight)/carton box inner PE bag sealed
Ordinary temperature, away from strong light in transportation and storage, and keep sealed before using
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